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Two Students Tuesday!

Hello everyone and welcome to our very first devblog for Cubz! Cubz!, an upcoming arcade game for iOS and Android, will be a test of your reflexes in the ever increasing challenges!

Since the beginning of the digital age, the Corporate Mastermind has been capturing and using pixels for his own gain. His network of bosses has kept him safe from his enemies. As many of the other pixels submit to his great might, all hope of freedom seems to be lost. That is until you arrived.

Cubz! will throw you into an environment that you will thrive in, given you have what it takes! Sharpen your reaction time and quicken your thinking skills by beating all 3 bosses and completing all 59 levels. Can you get 3 stars for every level? Are you up for the challenge?

Some of the features of Cubz! Beta include (more coming soon):

- 59 levels

- 3 bosses

- 3+ unique mechanics

- Fast-paced levels

- Color customization

- Shop

This week we worked on new power-ups! We are still testing out functionality, so stayed tuned next week for additional changes!

The Slow power-up cuts the speed of the cubes down to half their original speed! This power-up is more expensive than shields, but it's helpful if you need a break.

Constant Color changes all of the incoming cubes randomly to one of the four colors. This power-up is the same price as the Slow, and the power-ups can also be used together.

Last month we started testing! Thank you to everyone who has already played the game and given us feedback! If you haven’t started testing yet and you would like to hop in on the action, please shoot us an email (twostudentsllc@gmail.com)! We have received some great questions and suggestions as well, and we would like to showcase our responses to some of the most common:

Q: I am colorblind, and it is hard for me to play the game. Can you make it easier to distinguish between the cubes?

A: Yes! We will be adding a filter or colorblind mode that can be enabled in settings, so everyone can enjoy the game.

Q: Are there power ups other than the shield that can be bought in the shop?

A: There will be! This week we are currently testing out some options (Half-speed and Constant Color power-ups).

Q: Will there be any other music in the game.

A: Currently we are planning on adding some more music for the bosses, we will keep everyone updated as we progress.

Q: When is the game expected to be released?

A: Right now we are optimistic for a summer release. If anything should change we will make sure to update everyone.

Q: How much will the game cost?

A: Cubz! will be free! There are optional in-app purchases, but the game can be completed without spending a penny.

Thank you again everyone for your feedback and interest in Cubz! Please feel free to comment any questions you have about testing, the game, or anything else you would like to know! See everyone next Tuesday!


Fixed iPad scaling issues

Implemented back-end framework for Constant Color Power-up (Not public yet)

Implemented back-end framework for Half Speed Power-up (Not public yet)

Fixed bug where watching an ad could crash a level

Planned this week:

Address Google Pixel 2 Scaling issues

Fix scaling issues for rotation buttons

Fully implement and release the Constant Color and Half Speed power ups


Create hall-of-fame

Create new mechanics for bosses

Complete levels

Improve Power-up mechanics

Better icons for mechanics

Fully implement and release the Constant Color and Slow power ups

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